About Us

Om Chintamani Jewellers is a well established Gold and Diamond jewellery showroom in the heart of Kalyan city, owned by Vispute Jewellers Pvt Ltd. a government registered company since 2006. Well honed skills of the founder Shri Nandlal Vispute are hereditary bestowed upon him through generations of gold craftsmanship and business.  The legacy is well carried forward by Director Shri Rajkapil Vispute, son of Shri Nandlal Vispute. The entire family is dedicated to cater to the customers of Om Chintamani Jewellers thus ensuring excellent service and total customer satisfaction.

Our director Shri Nandlal Vispute with his experience in the gold business is the inspiration for the entire staff of Om Chintamani Jewellers. With an eye for perfection he sees to it that each and every ornament is as good as it comes and ensures that his customers are happy with their purchase. Om Chintamani jewellers in the able hands of Shri Vispute aspires to be the best option for Kalyan city when it comes to jewellery shopping for weddings, festivals and other occasions.

Rajkapil Vispute is the young director at Om Chintamani jewellers, his experience defies his age. Starting at the lowest rung at a jewellery showroom he has gathered vast experience in the fields of sourcing, sales, marketing, crafting and design etc in gold and diamonds. He has worked with many well known jewellery brands and exporters just to understand the core jewellery business.

Together the father son duo become the most compatible pair in gold business with one representing experience and knowledge while the other leading with a futuristic approach. Together aiming at making Om Chintamani Jewellers the most modern showroom with traditional designs intact too.

Managing Director - Shri Rajkapil Nandlal Vispute
Directors               - Shri Nandlal Vispute
                              - Mrs. Pratibha Nandlal Vispute
                              - Mrs. Gauri Rajkapil Vispute
                              - Mrs. Pradnya Kharote